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Meditations: 21 Days to a Healthier Mind

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What are people saying about Meditations?

  • ...this 21 day devotional has really helped me get on track for healing, clarity and personal growth in my life. I would recommend this book to believers in all seasons.
    Amazon Customer
  • It's a great inspirational book by an anointed teacher/speaker C. Christopher Scott. It's perfect to read as a daily devotional for 21 days.
    Amazon Customer
  • Such a good read!...Very practical, easy to read and best of all, his principles in the book are based (cited) in Scripture...Glad I followed through on the recommendation to pick it up!
    Amazon Customer
  • The life application at the end of each day's devotional is what sets this book apart from others for me. Made me dig deep within myself, reflect, and rethink the impact of personal heartaches.
    Amazon Customer

What you will find inside the book

This life-changing 21 Day Devotional is full of practical thoughts and biblical insights that have helped many people experience Healing, Clarity and Personal Breakthrough. The first volume of The Meditations Series will challenge your mind to be healthier by engaging key areas of growth such as Relationships, Forgiveness, Purpose and Forgotten Dreams. Included in this volume are daily Life Applications that will help you apply the wisdom revealed to your personal life. "The journey to destiny can often seem concealed by traumatic experiences and difficult circumstances but there are practical truths in God's Word to help us through those tough transitions. Shifting your mind requires cleansing, calibration and consistent meditations. Let this book assist you on your journey. YOUR NEXT 21 DAYS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE


Possessing the ideal blend of silky smooth grooves over heartfelt soulful lyrics, C. Christopher Scott is emerging as one most uniquely blended music artist we’ve seen in a while. If you try to get Christopher to live within the confines of industry labels and categories, you may find yourself frustrated.

“I sing and write about love; the Love of God, the love of a spouse, family, friends and life. I make no apologies for hearing music that unites around this fundamental biblical concept. We are called to reach the world through the gifts that God has given us which means getting beyond the walls of the church. Who better to write the best love songs the world has ever heard than the ones who have experienced the True Love of God.”

About Christopher

C. Christopher Scott is a husband, father, minister, songwriter, entrepreneur, designer and author. With over 20 years of leadership experience, Christopher has committed his life to the holistic success and wellness of everyone he comes in contact with.

“I think everything I do comes back to a love for people and a desire to see people do better. I honestly want the best for everyone I meet. I believe that when God allows our paths to cross, it is for a specific purpose. When good people touch you, the experience should leave you better than when they found you. So when people read something I wrote, hear a song that I composed or come in contact with one of my businesses, my prayer is that it in some way enlightens them and encourages them. That’s where my heart is.”


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