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February 20, 2014

For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring:
Isaiah 44:3

The dry places in life are inevitable and for C. Christopher Scott — husband, father of three, singer, songwriter, producer, minister and business man – the difficulties of the dry place transitioned him to the discovery of the Oasis.

Touching an international audience with his innovative music, Christopher’s new release Oasis, positions him to re-emerge boldly with a message of hope after enduring dry ground in every area of his life.

“Dry places arise when we hit those patches in life when God seems silent. It’s those areas where we are forced to dig deeper in order to find some evidence of life. When we can look around us externally and find nothing but desolation, that’s the very moment when we have to look within for the “Spring of Water”. An oasis can occur in the midst of a desert. It is a thriving life force in the midst of death. The key is: It’s source is deeper than its surroundings.”

Christopher is a believer in the power of music to heal, empower and reconcile. His unique sound transcends barriers and genres while maintaining a commitment to a message of hope, love and unity. Equipped with a diverse sound, smooth grooves and a heart for people, he’s passionate about spreading a message of hope to the world.

These songs come from an intimate place and are for intimate purposes. The Song of Solomon spoke to the affection that unites lovers while also revealing the relationship between Christ and His church. This project speaks of that same love.

The infectious single “Come Unto Me” and the international crossover hit “You’re the one I waited 4” exemplify the perpetual message of love and hope over smooth grooves that will keep you uplifted daily.

“Some of us have dry places, but sometimes you literally hit a desert where it seems that everything has dried up before your eyes. When you look at our world; money, friendships, marriages and employment; they are all drying up in front of us. We need to be reminded that there is a well within us that needs to be cultivated. Now is not the time to ‘check-out’ and give up. Look within for “Greater” and allow “Greater” to shift you into a place of peace where God can speak to you. This isn’t the first famine and it won’t be the last. Become the survivor you were born to be. Moving from external dependency to internal stability, we can all find that there is life within us. That’s what this project is about.”

C. Christopher

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