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February 20, 2014
Embrace the Storms
September 15, 2014

My music comes from an intimate place and is for intimate purposes. The Song of Solomon spoke to the passionate affection that unites lovers while also revealing the relationship between Christ and His church. Everything I write speaks of that same love. Heaven sings to me and I write what I hear.”

Possessing the ideal blend of silky smooth grooves over heartfelt soulful lyrics, C. Christopher Scott is emerging as one most uniquely blended artist we’ve seen in a while. If you try to get Christopher to live within the confines of industry labels and categories, you may find yourself frustrated.

“I sing about love; the Love of God, the love of a spouse, family, friends and life. I make no apologies for hearing music that unites around this fundamental biblical concept. We are called to reach the world through the gifts that God has given us which means getting beyond the walls of the church. Who better to write the best love songs the world has ever heard than the ones who have experienced the True Love of God.”

A North Carolina Native, Christopher’s love affair with music began as a fascination with the drums at age 3. He got serious about playing the piano and singing at age 21 as an outlet to express the pain he was feeling and the sounds he was hearing. Without having a teacher, Christopher was inspired to learn the piano and taught himself to play.

“It disturbs me when I see so many relationships failing. Relationships are the building blocks for a strong community. If they are broken, how can we stand as a nation? We have lost sight of the things that really matter in life. Our lives were meant for more than just existing, we were created to thrive and be passionate. When we create in the midst of passion, we change the world.”

Touching an international audience with his innovative style, Christopher’s new release Greyscale, positions him to re-emerge boldly with a message of love.

“When you take time to look around you, it’s easy to realize that relationships are really suffering. People have forgotten how to love one another and I believe it starts with marriages. Marriage should be an example to the world of true love and I’ve seen it become something much less than that. The purpose of Greyscale is to push people out of that place of mediocrity and get them back to passion. Remember the first date, first kiss, first night married. Finding that new beginning on a daily basis keeps relationships thriving. When relationships thrive, people are motivated to live better lives.”
Christopher is a believer in the power of music to heal, empower and reconcile. His unique sound transcends barriers and genres while maintaining a commitment to a message of hope, love and unity. Equipped with a diverse sound, smooth grooves and a heart for people, he’s passionate about spreading a message of love and hope to the world.

“I’m eternally grateful for how God has allowed me to make it through some extremely tough times because it taught me to write the songs that are going to push others through. I write with an ultimate purpose in mind. Every song on this project has a destination in the listener’s mind. True love is the key to your next destination in life. I’m excited about Greyscale and the lives it’s going to touch, the marriages it’s going to change and the relationships that are going to heal. This is the power of real music.”

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