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February 20, 2014
October 20, 2014

As a child, storms tend too be a very unsettling experience that causes us to seek out the comforts of mom and dad.

As we grow and mature, you never get beyond storms. They present themselves in different ways, but life is full of them. They are those points in time when we lose complete control of everything that’s going on around us (as if we ever really have control in the first place). Everything externally seems shaky.

Although we loose the ability to jump into our parental grasp, our focus turns toward our Heavenly Father. Storms teach us Faith and without Faith it’s impossible to please God. If you find yourself in a storm, stop complaining and embrace it. God sends it to teach us what we could not learn in the sunshine. Resistance is essential for us to get stronger. Nothing can be accomplished in our comfort zone besides complacency. Embrace it – Learn from it – Endure it. Your were created to Survive IT!!!!

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